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Maluma - Medallo City - Shines a positive light on Medellin

International superstar Maluma releases a new cinematic video for his song Medallo City - part of hit album "Papi Juancho." The film showcases different shots from the city of Medellin, a city which has been historically stigmatized as a city of drug lords and crime. The music video challenges these stereotypes and shows a very artistic side of the city, the charisma of its people and shines light into upcoming entrepreneurs that are making a powerful impact on their community; amongst them is RMA design founder Alejandro Robledo.

Medellin is the second most populated city in Colombia after Bogota. The video showcases important monuments from the city such as; Colterjer, the tallest building in Medellin and one of the most important textile companies in South America. The Metro, a rapid transit system that crosses the metropolitan area. Plaza Boter, an outside park displaying 24 sculptures by Fernando Botero, who donated these and several other artworks for the city. Other common sights of Medellin like street soccer, freestyle biking, artistic walls that adorn the city's buildings as well as the many exotic flowers species that are exported overseas.

Short reel:

The Video finishes by showing some of the city's brightest talents, living proof of Medellin's potential. Martin Atehortua 3X winner of Silleteros Flower Festival. Maria Villa is a programmer founder of a community that helps women without access to academic resources to learn how to program, in order to improve their living standard. Martin Londono, helps disabled people to have a better life in a wheelchair with an app he created. Yaneth Rodriguez, founded a company specialized on helping womens by creating awareness to prevent breast cancer. Martha Elena founded a company that teaches kids to dance in order to prevent them from getting involved with violence. Jeihhco y Perrograff have helped hundreds of families with the graffiti tours of the city creating job opportunities. Jorge Roldan is a film director and Indie Film producer.

RMA Design founder Alejandro Robledo, has made out of the software Houdini his canvas for relentless creativity and passion for visual FX. Alejandro has accomplished remarkable success in the visual FX field and has collaborated with prestigious companies such as Marvel, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Netflix and Facebook among others. But perhaps Alejandro’s biggest accomplishment has been to share his knowledge of VFX with local teenagers, teaching them the ropes and hacks of a complex software like Houdini, ranging from computer programming codes to artistic creativity. Alejandro has employed many of his students who now work proudly by his side and has empowered them with important designer skills.

The music video finishes with the frase "Medallo no es Pablo Escobar" meaning "Medellin is not Pablo Escobar". Making a clear statement of the city's potential and the misleading image that many of the Medellin citizens have been victims of. Keep your eyes poped for Medellin, and watch out for the local talent!

Full video:

Link to the full video :

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