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The focus of the project is to develop moving landscapes that allow the viewer to experience our world from an artistic piece and question humans perceptions and experiences of what the world looks like. Landscape Illusions is a procedural collection of portraits inspired by Monet's impressionist painting techniques. The design is created using scripted languages in Houdini. The artistic approach is to simulate small and thin visible brush strokes on open compositions similar to impressionisms artistic characteristics. Impressionists like Monet worked on depicting light changing qualities that resembled the effects of passing of time. This collection effects particles using the warmer tones of the compositions, making these areas more active and the darker areas less powerful.

The collection is composed of 10 1/1 square pieces that loop after playing for 6 minutes. Each of this pieces is split into two vertical variations auctioned 3/3 - If you collect two verticals of the same landscape, you can convert them into a full square piece. 

Collection Details

Square versions : 10 1/1 
Vertical versions: 20 3/3
Contact me if your want to purchase

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