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Imaginary forces Studios reach to RMA to work with Google Creative Lab developing a subset of 3d graphics for their six episode docuseries alongside their design and animation team. We decoded the evolution of hackers using a metaphorical world of code. The unique system of 2D glyphs and 3D voxels became the building blocks of each episode to form this visual language. From visual montages to battleship metaphors, we enjoyed the collaborative design process while driving the message of Google’s virtual heroes fighting for the most vulnerable users on the interweb.


Studio: Imaginary Forces
 Creative director: tosh kodama
Art director: brandon savoy
Designers/animators: isaac taracks, faraz abbasi, alejandro robledo,
kevin sanchez, pedro murteira, ilya tselyutin, cisco torres, lamek felix

Junior designer/animator: soo lee
Producer: renee robson
Production coordinator: jake fritz

3D Artists: Alejandro Robledo

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