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I had the pleasure of working together with director Tosh Kodama from the beginning stages of this project. I helped develop the look, prepare the geometry for texturing and helped find the shots that looked most interesting. Following this, I was charged with creating the electric special effects that travel through the geometry and light up the structure. 


Creative Director: Tosh Kodama 
Head of Production: Franceska Bucci 
Producers: Sunny Sattari, Maggie Robinson 
CG Supervisor: Daesun Hwang

Storyboard  Artist: Gordon Kljucec 
Designers: Chadwick Halbritter, Daveion Thompson, Grace Kang, Kaya Thomas, Kris Fortin, Tosh Kodama, Gabriel Perez 
Animators: Roy Cullen, Val Sinlao, Jake Fergusen, Daesun Hwang 
3D Artists: Alejandro Robledo, Val Sinlao, Sam Cividanis, Daesun Hwang 
Compositors: Fred Huelar, Jacob Ferguson, Daesun Hwang,
Claudia Yi Leon 
Editor: Zach Kilroy

Flame Artist: Rod Basham

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