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RMA was hired by @supermorebetter for @twothings and @thenorthface. The concept was done by the agency and we were hired to build the technical visualization of the product to work with the website when scrolling down. The main idea was to stay as close as possible to the photography provided by the client to ensure the shoes parts looked as realistic as possible. Our work was focused on assembling all of the pieces and having them look dynamic when animated and coming together to form the complete product.

Cinematic Visualization

The core of our work was to create an animation that was easily translated into code for the website. The video to the left shows the main delivery, a vertical animation of the pieces coming together that was translated into different formats and coded into the scrolling of North Face's website when launching the new shoe.

Cinematic Visualization

The visualization above shows the final product in action. This is a screen grab of the final result of the website, it shows how when we scroll, the pieces of the shoe come together and interact with the user.


Agency: TwoThings

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