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November 06, 2016

NTB Launches Top Teen Campaign with

Animated Magic

MEDELLÍN, Colombia and LOS ANGELES  –  November 6, 2017  –  Fashion powerhouse Nauty Blue just infused a little more magic into its clothing and accessory lines this week.
For its third annual Top Teen campaign, Nauty Blue executives hired animation studio RMA Design to design a unique launch video. The video invites girls around the world ages 8-15 to apply to become the new image of Nauty Blue. True to its mission, the Nauty Blue Top Teen campaign focuses on messages key to adolescent girls: “Be-You-tiful. Be magic. Be yourself.” Drawing viewers in with a refreshing sense of innocence, play, and joy, are flying sprinkles, shiny lip gloss, and a unicorn with a mint green mane—all brought to life in a 3D video.
“Nauty Blue is on the leading edge, becoming the earliest adopter in Colombia of animation and computer-generated (CG) media among the clothing and all other industries,” says RMA Design founder Alejandro Robledo Mejia. “The translation from 2D to 3D has been extremely successful and has been met thus far with very positive feedback. We are staying true to the brand and the most iconic images of Nauty Blue’s lines while creating a new world in which lifestyle and creative elements literally take flight.” Both the design studio and company executives are excited to see how youth and teen girls engage with new 3D animated elements for the first time.

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About Alejandro Robledo Mejia

Alejandro is a Designer, CG/VFX artist, Animator, and Founder of RMA Design. His studio is built upon technical and artistic excellence—producing stunning visual effects, 3D development, and animation for media platforms across feature films, commercial enterprises, and entertainment industries. Using Houdini's raw power of procedural node-based workflow to develop highly technical boards and VFX content, he specializes in building VFX shots from scratch including rigid body dynamics, smoke, fire, explosions, fluids and ocean tools. He built and maintains a powerful GPU farm for unbiased physically-accurate rendering in RedShift and Octane to produce work in Houdini and Cinema 4D—an unparalleled workflow loved by clients.