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Trendsetting Tattoo Artist Jose LopezTakes Brand to New Level

Jose Lopez has been a trendsetter in the tattoo industry since he founded Low Rider Tattoo Studios. And, he’s poised to do it again. His newest project isn’t a tattoo—it’s a video animation.

“I want to show other artists that they can elevate their art and success to new levels,” says Lopez. He has partnered with RMA Design founder Alejandro Robledo Mejía to create a video that will showcase both his logo and the artistic elements for which he’s most known: black chrome and velvet textures, stunning detail, and a dark yet beautifully lit monochromatic palette inked through a sculptor’s hands.

The new 3D video will be put to use on social media and international live venues where brand exposure is crucial. He expects his first CG collaboration with RMA Design to help maintain his worldwide following ranging from Japan, Hong Kong, and England to his home base in Orange County, California.
“I’ve long been a fan of Jose’s work,” says 3D animation artist Alejandro Robledo Mejía. “It’s been fantastic to experience his skills firsthand and then bring those talents to life through video.

About Jose Lopez and Lowrider Tattoo Studios

Lowrider Tattoo Studios embodies the timeless traditions of tatooing, rooted in the black and grey fine line style. Spawned from the streets and prisons of California as the foundation, it has been refined and perfected between the collaborative relationship of the artist and client of today. Founder Jose Lopez utilized this concept and technique in mastering this craft that started a journey over 20 years ago, which has since been passed on through the generations in and beyond the industry of tattooing.

Recognized internationally as one of the greatest tattoo shops in the world, Lowrider Tattoo Studios has made its mark in elevating today’s tattoo experience. It has earned over 150 awards worldwide and is continuing to excel beyond the standard of quality, transforming the stigma of tattoo into a true global art movement that is reflected in all social structures of our society. It is through our clients and collectors from all walks of life: past, present and future, that we continue to witness the evolution of a dream that is taking tattooing to new heights.

About Alejandro Robledo Mejía

Alejandro is a Designer, CG/VFX artist, Animator, and Founder of RMA Design. His studio is built upon technical and artistic excellence—producing stunning visual effects, 3D development, and animation for media platforms across feature films, commercial enterprises, and entertainment industries. Using Houdini's raw power of procedural node-based workflow to develop highly technical boards and VFX content, he specializes in building VFX shots from scratch including rigid body dynamics, smoke, fire, explosions, fluids and ocean tools. He built and maintains a powerful GPU farm for unbiased physically-accurate rendering in RedShift and Octane to produce work in Houdini and Cinema 4D—an unparalleled workflow loved by clients.

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