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RMA Design in Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, is anual television program featuring some of the world's greatest talents. Ranging from Hollywood stars to some of the world's most renowned music icons, the show provides music and entertainment to millions of viewers. It starts around 8pm in New year's eve and finishes around 2am on New year, it has been a tradition primarily based in New York City since 1972.

Broadcasted exclusively by the ABC, the show was hosted by Lucy Hale and Ryan Seacrest this year. Staying true to it's tradition the show had some of the world's most accredited music artists such as Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, JP Saxe and Julia Michaels, En Vogue, Ella Mai, Lewis Capaldi, Brandy, and Iann Dior and 24kGoldn.

As if singing wasn't entertaining enough there was a big screen in the main stage and it displayed graphics accompanying each performance. Many artists brought in additional performers to their show such as dancers, and coordinated choreographers.

RMA design was featured on the giant screen when it was Maluma's time to present. RMA's 3d animation has been a part of many of Maluma's performances around the world for the last 2 years. Maluma's new album 'Papi Juancho' gave RMA the creative space it needed. Having proven themselves before there was much creative freedom for RMA, which is why Alejandro Robledo CEO of RMA was not only the Creative Director but also the Producer.

The album 'Papi Juancho' features the vibrant colors typical of the Colombian culture, it also includes cultural elements from the Pacific's Samoan people and the island of Hawaii. Much of that positive charm was brought on the night of the 31st of December 2020 to New York. Where up on a stage, being watched live by millions of people, Medellin Native Maluma brought the Latin Flavors to the party.

In addition a tribute song to the city of Medellin was sung by Maluma. The song titled “Medallo City” highlighted important aspects of daily life in Medellin. Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia has suffered from a negative reputation for the past three decades as it is often portrayed as a drug lord and cartel controlled city. In reality this stigma couldn't be farther away from the truth, it is for this reason that Maluma a Medellin or ‘Medallo’ native shines positive light to many of the cities promising talent. Amongst them is RMA’s CEO Alejandro Robledo who has established a professional relationship with Maluma and his team in the last couple of years.

Maluma's performance featured two songs: Medallion City and Hawaii. More visual representations of how RMA's graphics lit up New York can be found here . This show marked the end of a difficult yet successful year for RMA and Maluma; it also marked the beginning of a new year where many great things are yet to come. Stay tuned!


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