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OFFF Bogota: Opening Title Postponed

Originating in Barcelona in 2001, OFFF host’s the most insightful and talented artists, forming a community of Motion Designers, Thinkers, Graphic Designers, Theorist and Developers; Over the stretch of three days of conferences, workshops and performances.

OFFF Bogotá, Colombia, was scheduled for the 12th & 13th of March 2020 where it was supposed to make its first ever appearance in South American. However COVID-19 had other plans, forcing the festival to be re-schedule for November and ultimately indefinitely postponed.

OFFF On Tour takes the concept created in 2001 and spreads it around the world visiting the most iconic design meccas in cities such as Milan, Paris, London, Istanbul, Prague, Montreal, Vienna among others, putting the spotlight on local talent.

RMA Design spent the beginning of 2020 creating what was supposed to be the Opening Title for the event. However since the event was postponed RMA’s Director Alejandro Robledo decided to double down on his efforts creating a second main title. This decision was made since there was a wider time frame for the event allowing the studio to dive even deeper into the cultural symbolism that the Title represents.

The end result is a much more exquisite piece of art. The project which has not been released yet portrays the close relationship with nature that represents the people who have historically inhabited South America. Being inspired by geographical features such as the Amazon Rainforest, the Pacific Lowlands and Andes Cordillera as well as the people who inhabit these territories such as the Tayrona Tribe in northern Colombia, the Incas of Peru and the Tikunas of the Amazon.

The video represents the spirit of the Original Inhabitants of South America, clothe and furr simulations move eloquently at the beat of the music and the sand and water particles dance rhythmically to the beat of the drums.

Despite not being able to present OFFF’s Opening Title, RMA closed a year of remarkable success collaborating with Reggaeton artist Maluma to Create “Papi Juancho” , purchasing 3 Titan computers, and growing his staff in numbers. It is for this reason that the studio decided to air the original Opening Title which was supposed to air back in March 2020. The publication of this title is not in any shape or form a spoiler of the new and Improved title; that to this day doesn't have a release date, but simply the collection of hard work, discipline and patience of all the people involved in creating our Opening Title.

On behalf of the RMA Team we hope you enjoy it!

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