Maluma Brings ‘Papi Juancho’ To Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold’s Virtua

The past 3 of September the the recently awarded by the VMA’s 2020 as “Best Latin Artist of the Year” Maluma, presented for first time a live concert of his new album “Papi Juancho” in collaboration with the beer brand, Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold, with which he launched a new clothing line.

“Nature is a key source of inspiration for my life, creative process and now, my new Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold x Maluma apparel line. This collaboration is the perfect expression of who I am as a person, and there’s no better way to launch the collection than with an epic end of summer concert, debuting my new hits in the backdrop of golden hour in Miami." said Maluma.

To stand out the main theme of the apparel line, the concert was focused on the tropical Miami Vice, for this requirement Maluma called Alejandro and his team to make a standout visual effects for the 6 screens that were on the show.

This project started with finding the right elements, colors, and lights that will represent the apparel line, making them match on the stage. Then the real work started, many elements were created on 3d with custom designs for the tropical Miami Vice flow and the Papi Juancho album elements such as beatbox, palms, guitars, neon signs and surf tables, after all this elements were approved the simulations started, there were simulations of water, sand, cracks, peeling and others that interacted with the 3d elements. Finally, the renders began to roll.

One of the challenges of this project was the multiple types of screen there was on the stage, each with different specifications, there were 4 vertical screens, one square screen on the floor and one screen for the dj, this complicated the renders and the edits for the videos, because all of the screens had show the same images in the same time, making everything look very structured.

This job was made for the main songs of the album, Hawai which has had an impressive reception by fans getting in Ranks # 1 in Spotify's Top 50, also Parce in collaboration with Lenny Tavarez and Justin Quiles, Medellin City where Maluma is talking about all the beautiful things of his natal city, Ansiedad and Cielo a un Diablo. The album nabbed the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart in the week ending August 27. The set opened with 16,000 equivalent album units.

Please credit RMA Design – Alejandro Robledo Mejia.