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Getting to know Alejandro Robledo - PARCHANDO PODCAST

The Podcast Parchando is a Colombian podcast that interviews the most prominent local talent. The podcast host, Camilo Sus is a Visual Artist that actively seeks the most outstanding individuals in their particular fields and invites them to the podcast. The topics vary from comical to the deep and inspiring. The podcast is available on Spotify as well as Anchor, Apple Podcast and Listen Notes. In this blog post I will quickly summarize the most important conversation topics of the one hour interview.

RMA’s Alejandro Robledo was interviewed on episode number 16, where they talked about Alejandro’s career, how he got started in the VFX industry as well as other more intimate topics like what motivates him and his personal goals for the future. The interview also takes a look at Alejandro’s life before starting RMA Design, valuable friendships that have positively affected his work, and occurrences that have triggered his bold business mentality.

Alejandro’s VFX path has been patiently crafteted through the last decade or so of hard work, ultimately leading him to start his own studio RMA Design. Alejandro initially started off working for studios in California such as Imaginary Forces among others, where he built a solid 3 years of work experience. After that Alejandro realized that he needed to specialize in a more specific field and decided to enroll in an intensive 1.5 year HOUDINI specialization provided by CG Spectrum. For that reason he moved back to his country of origin Colombia so he could focus full time on mastering this new skill. Alejandro’s ambitious business mentality is not something new tho. In the podcast Camilo asked him what was the triggering point that made him realize he wanted to start a business of his own. Alejandro responded MANDAWAKA. Mandawaka was a boardshort company created by Alejandro when he was in highschool, the designs were very wild portraying unique designs that challenged social taboos. From that moment onward Alejandro decided that he wanted to own his own company.

Alejandro often finds himself behind a computer screen for over 20 hours a day, part of what has led him to do so is working for himself and not for a studio as well as the notion of being an expert in a particular niche instead of an average artist in many different niches. Currently Alejandro has been making the transition from a freelance agent into a studio, where he has more that 4 staff members and is able to work in multiple projects at the same time. Alejandro enjoys wakeboarding and wake surfing when he is not in his studio. He looks at it as a way of disconnecting from his work and starting fresh once he comes back to work. It was wake surfing where Alejandro met Maluma, which became a close friend as well as a client, since he created most of his 2019 11¨11 world tour graphics as well as other key performance animations.

The last question of the podcast asked Alejandro where he saw RMA Design in 5 years. Alejandro believes RMA will be one of the biggest VFX studios in the coming years, he is already planning potential partnerships that will allow his studio to grow exponentially and will be able to cope with the increasing online and remote demand that the pandemic has implemented world wide. His current motivation is his business trajectory.

To hear the full podcast in spanish you can click on the following links


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