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Maluma´s 2022 World Tour visuals are a cinematic immersive experience with a stage of 21 screens, 4 in the upper part forming a cube and 17 in the lower part forming an cross, in which 5 of them Maluma walked during the concert and 12 screens on the edge, posing a challenge for the alignment of the visuals, making the experience one of the most spectacular shows in 2021. the visuals were design with captivating simulations and VFX such as pyro, water, particles, paint, cloth, chocolate etc. resulting in 23 song with custome visuals for every one.

The songs designed for Malumas world tour include collaboration with- shakira, noriel, Ricky Martin, Bryant Mayers.

This is a collaborative project between Royalty World INC lead by Juan Luis Londoño (MALUMA) and RMA.

This was a very cool song to do since maluma wanted it to have a look similar to the original video of the song, with simulations of liquids and tiles with cool patterns designs that give the song a very elegant and sober flow.



4 babys is an awesome song,  Maluma wanted to present in the show a song with real fire, he wanted everything to be with fire everywhere, therefore many elements were worked on with that theme, and in the song you can see guitars, microphones, roses, soccer fields even to the artist's logo the crown all covered in flames


For the aloha look, many particles were worked on, moving in the same direction to form different abstract shapes, of which we can assimilate with water flowing like a river, the color of the particles mixes between different types of blues and purples giving more depth to the simulations.