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Lodge 49 is an American comedy-drama television series created by Jim Gavin. I was charged with creating and leading key shots ranging from 1-25 seconds. My main task was to model the snake and match a photograph Kyle Cooper provided exactly. I built the snake from scatch to ensure the cubes matched each of the scales, allowing transitions to be as seamless and realistic as possible, while keeping the snake's colors in the fantasy world of Lodge 49.


Creative Director: Kyle Cooper

Art Director: Olga Midlenko
Producers: Elena Orlova

3D Lead: Alejandro Robledo
Artists: Prologue Films Team 
Designers: Prologue Films Team  
Animators: Alejandro Robledo, Prologue Films Team

Compositors: Alejandro Robledo Mejia, Prologue Films Team
Editor: Prologue Films Team

Flame Artist: Prologue Films Team

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