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July  6, 2019

Opening IFCC Ceremony in Croatia

Features Houdini Animation Techniques

Split, Croatia  –  July, 6, 2019  –  A wonderland for the global arts community, the Independent Festival of Creative Communication (IFCC) wrapped up six days of live demonstrations and sharing in Croatia’s coastal city of Split. The festival’s Opening Ceremony film and lecture was delivered by Alejandro Robledo Mejia, 3D animation artist and founder of RMA Design.
“I wanted to create the 2019 IFCC Main Title entirely in Houdini as an homage to artists—encouraging them to give up fear and pursue their creative passions,” says RMA founder Alejandro Robledo Mejia.

South Amercia


Alejandro Robledo Mejia

Founder, RMA Design

Tel: +57 (313) 798-3267


Lia Schutlz

Director of Media Relations & Operations

Tel: (561) 376-3713

IFCC Main Titles 2019

High Resolution Images available upon requests.
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About Alejandro Robledo Mejia

Alejandro is a Designer, CG/VFX artist, Animator, and Founder of RMA Design. His studio is built upon technical and artistic excellence—producing stunning visual effects, 3D development, and animation for media platforms across feature films, commercial enterprises, and entertainment industries. Using Houdini's raw power of procedural node-based workflow to develop highly technical boards and VFX content, he specializes in building VFX shots from scratch including rigid body dynamics, smoke, fire, explosions, fluids and ocean tools. He built and maintains a powerful GPU farm for unbiased physically-accurate rendering in RedShift and Octane to produce work in Houdini and Cinema 4D—an unparalleled workflow loved by clients.