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I worked collaboratively with a team of animators at Roger to contribute to the design, visual aesthetics, simulations, and animations that played a crucial role in bringing Microsoft's EBS presentations to life. I was responsible for bringing the initial concept boards to life, which involved creating previz, developing animations from the ground up, and managing the entire production process from start to finish. Additionally, I had the task of creating all the simulations necessary for the spheres to interact with cloth, geometry, and other non-worldly environments.

Our brand is active and impactful. We radiate positivity - sparking a feeling of passion, purpose and momentum around the globe. 
Our carefully curated color palette, shaders, and patterns are meticulously designed to harness the entire spectrum of color and materiality, ensuring that every element leaps off the screen, whether experienced in person at an event or viewed through your phone or monitor.


After establishing the fundamental elements of our visual identity, we began crafting a diverse array of themes, each narrating a distinctive story that aligns with our core brand principles. These themes were designed to be versatile, capable of either amplifying a singular event or being adapted as toolkits to seamlessly extend across multiple events within a specific theme. This comprehensive approach resulted in a dynamic collection of visual aesthetics, spanning the digital and in-person realms, encompassing animations, large-format screens, badges, signage, and everything in between. Our first set of themes were crafted for two technical minded events - Microsoft Build and Ignite. 



Studio: Roger

Alejandro Robledo M

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